Allivictus the original Czech garlic tincture now available in Canada Newmarket

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Allivictus the original Czech garlic tincture now available in Canada Newmarket

December 6, 2013

After announcing the intention to import Allivictus Garlic Tincture and Spray to the Canadian market in April of 2013,
Allivictus Canada Ltd. is pleased to report success in the registration and importation of both certified Natural Health Products. Since 2007, Allivictus s.r.o. in partnership with Ecoton s.r.o. has produced Allivictus Tincture and Spray, for sale in the Czech Republic and European market. With the successful Health Canada registration of the two products as Natural Health Products, Allivictus has become a global brand now available in Canada.

Allivictus Tincture and Spray is a garlic tincture with no chemical additives, processed by hand and aged a minimum of one year. At roughly 40% alcohol by volume, the tincture is absorbed orally and not digested by the stomach, resulting in an odourless experience minutes after taking the recommended dose; determined by individual body mass.

The result is a pure, potent form of garlic that can be takendaily as a supplement to improve cardiovascular health, or as an immediate remedy for upper respiratory tract infections. An external use version of the tincture called Allivictus Derma is also available.

Allivictus Canada Ltd. also distributes EFFFI movement and skincare emulsions, and Cidetex antibacterial shoe insoles. Allivictus has partnered with Axel Kraft International for distribution to health and wellness retailers and practitioners throughout Canada.

Allivictus Tincture and Spray is now available from Axel Kraft.
About Axel Kraft International Founded in 1982, Axel Kraft International is a foremost distributor of premium health and beauty products in Canada. The company’s primary business involves the importation and distribution of high quality consumer packaged health and body care products. They pride themselves on servicing health food stores across Canada.

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